Emiway – Kaun Hai Ye lyrics English Translation

Emiway – Kaun Hai Ye lyrics English Translation New Hindi Rap Song “KAUN HAI YE” sung by Emiway Bantai. The music of this song is given by Pendo46.

Emiway Bantai – KAUN HAI YE Song 

KAUN HAI YE Lyrics In English translation- Emiway Bantai new Hindi Rap 2020

Artist & Lyrics: Emiway Bantai
Music: Pendo46
Mix/Master: Emiway
Producer: Emiway Bantai

Emiway – Kaun Hai Ye lyrics English Translation 

What up my people! What’s happening?
Emiway Bantai
You already know
Listen up
Keep trying even if you keep failing
Always keep these 2 things in your mind
Don’t get discouraged 
Don’t cry too much
Everyone gets the chance
First just notice yourself

Come out of your misery
Fuckk the stress and go buy cigarettes
This is what a street loser (dushbag) would suggest
Don’t worry your art will answer your problems
Your well-being is in your own hands
Strength in your teeth
Chew and spit
The ones breaking your trust
Need power in your words
Mind and hear at sync
Nobody becomes an artist overnight
Keep goin , Keep goin , keep goin
Keep filling the pages
My heart kept saying , keep fighting
Keep growing , keep growing, keep growing
Keep rising within yourself
If you can’t then go home
But I’m not the one who quits
When will the day come when I succeed
Didn’t understand anything
Everyone discouraged me
What should i do
Listen to my heart?
Or listen to whom ?
Whom should I speak to ?
Or whom should I keep relationship with?
Don’t overthink just go with the flow
10 people ate food in just 200 after shoot
Did my struggles and enjoyed it
Woke up early to grind
Didn’t take full sleep, was up all time
Running with my music to everyone
Always focused on my craft
Never bothered to look at others

Knew That one day
I’ll get my chance
There’ll be a flower in my pot for sure
Will make a song that’ll shake the world
My song is very expensive
Who’s can buy it?

I’ve got my public
Show the deal in crores
I have my Bantai’s public
Who’s gonna stop me
Will load these words and fire in my songs
New flow every time
You’ll be shocked
Will take hip hop to new heights
Will smash anyone trying to stop me
Whoever took me as a joke will be sitting home and thinking about it again

Who’s he ? Who’s he ?
Who’s he ? Who’s he ?
Who’s he ? Who’s he?
Emiway Bantai
Y’all already know
Who’s he ? Who’s he ?
Who’s he ? Who’s he?
Who’s he ? Who’s he?
Emiway Bantai
Y’all already know

If y’all don’t know then go listen and
Choose my path
Did what my heart said
And got satisfaction
Where are you lost .. go find yourself
Play my songs and get motivated
Y you disheartened
Go kiss your parents
Never let anyone order you something
Why should I bow in front of anyone
I won’t stop coz my route is different
Keep listening ,keep listening
Keep listening
Give me any beat and I’ll kill it
Even I used to wander
I’ve seen many phases
Even used to count money before spending it
Mom used to be stressed at home
Dads deal didn’t work out
But everything’s fine
Still fought
Stood up
Only studied till where I had to

My parents never forced me for anything
Thank you, god for great parents
What’s inside me , didn’t know
I came out with my song
By gods grace
Whoever was messing with me
Were overthrown
Always Kept my value
Left deals worth lakhs
Ask me why ?
Use your IQ
IPhone don’t sell cheap
No one in my family was from musical background
On the map
Today India’s proud
Indian hip hop is playin out loud
Who’s doubting Emiway Bantai ?
I’ll play the full over and
You’re first ball out
Eminem ,Lil Wayne, Tec9ne, Russ, Macklemore and Snoop dogg
Shout out to everyone
Foreign artists are following now
Progress happening
Ohh jealous people
They’re working less and
I’m making them swallow
Wanna grow ?
Then come out with a video every month
Take my name but be careful
Cause we’re working hard
And others are stoned and chilling
Stuck to their old fashioned thinking
Come meet me I’m not the same old one

This is new version 2.0
Why should I give them a point without any reason
I don’t hate anyone even by mistake
My song’s dope take this joint
Why can’t you show the love to the world
I got you if you gonna keep my word
Like I do
Even you can try ma shit
Give your 100 %
Who the fuckk is up

Who’s he ? Who’s he ?
Who’s he ? Who’s he ?
Who’s he ? Who’s he ?
Emiway Bantai
Y’all already know
Who’s he ? Who’s he?
Who’s he ? Who’s he?
Who’s he ? Who’s he?
Emiway Bantai
Y’all already know

Never give up
Let it come of what’s coming
Let go of what’s going
Work should keep happening
No matter what work it is
Consistency is the key
Keep hustling and grinding
Stay motivated
Keep encouraging each other
And keep growing
Peace out

Emiway Bantai – KAUN HAI YE Video Song 

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