James Mercy - Take You On Lyrics (ft. PhiloSofie) NCS

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    James Mercy - Take You On Lyrics(ft. PhiloSofie) NCS

    Take You On Lyrics James Mercy ft. PhiloSofie : Presenting the English song "Take You On" Sung by James Mercy. This song Release on NCS.Take You On Lyrics are given below. 

    SongTake You On
    Artist/singer : James Mercy
    Release on: NCS
    Release Yera:2020

    James Mercy - Take You On Lyrics

    I look at people
    And i wonder all day
    Who are you
    When you are not the one in your way
    And then I think about myself In that state
    I'm pretty boss
    Who gone melt your brainwaves
    I'm freak in sheets
    But I got class
    Imma grab an ass If you want in
    Best you ever had
    Give It to you mad

    I'm the girl that they don't talk about
    Quiet with a big mouth
    Listen for the doubt
    Then call it
    Make you out for what you say to me
    Look at every single deed
    If you got what i need then
    I'll take you on like big deal
    Legs you can unseal
    Key in ignition
    Just keep full like I had a meal
    Once in a while feel on my

    I know you like it
    Can't fight it
    Imma let you ride the wave
    I'm new york
    And you're LA
    Come together feel the shockwaves

    James Mercy - Take You On

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