NBA YoungBoy - Kacey talk Lyrics

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Kacey talk Lyrics : Presenting the English song Kacey talk sung by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. 

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Song: Kacey talk
Singer: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release date: August 14, 2020

NBA YoungBoy - Kacey talk Lyrics 

Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh

New coupe, uh, take off
'Cause I know these niggas
I ain't gon here nothin, new suit, yeah
Big boss, I know I ain't hearin' not a young nigga saying nothin
Double back twice, I send 'em wrong
Three, three, bitches [?] my home, 1st street
Tell it all when I make a song
Long live my brother Dave, he ain't make it home

She be all over me like, she need me
I don't need you at all, she believe me
She be mad everytime when I really ain’t know
Got me posted all alone where the slumps be
Lotta money on the line, went and bought her food
You don't speak with me, now I don't ring, you'll see
New coupe, uh, take off
I could tell you that they lyin' when they sayin' they seen me
New zoom, yeah, big boss
I know you niggas ain't talkin' business, I'm a big bean (Big bean, yeah)
Baddy on the phone, talkin' 'bout she want sexy
Told her "Just splash, whole lotta water on me"
Put it in the back while we R-A-C-E

New coupe, uh, take off
'Cause I know these niggas
I ain't gon here it in that new zoom, yeah
Big boss, I know I ain't hearin' none of y'all nigga saying
Double back twice, I send 'em wrong
Three, three, bitches [?] my home, 1st street
Tell it all when I make a song
Long live my brother J, he ain't make it home

Swift young nigga, yeah
Show them how to get the money up
[?] nigga, from the back out, I'm touchin' her top, yeah
Big ol' player, tryna get in her heart with no car
Shawty end up with the wrong
It ain't 'bout how you usin' your tongue
Million dollar nigga, [?], I'm checkin' how I'm livin'
I just went and got another house
Millions in the bank, got enough on me flowin'
World War 3, stay added up if you keep count
Quarter million chain, quarter million car, wow
I know how to get it, poker in my momma house
Million dollar business, I ain't never turn it down
Hey, Kacey tell 'em

NBA YoungBoy - Kacey talk 

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