Scattered Lines Lyrics (Anupam Roy)

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    Scattered Lines Lyrics (Anupam Roy) 

    Scattered Lines Lyrics by Anupam Roy.Scattered Lines song is a new English song of Anupam Roy.This song sung by Anupam Roy.Scattered Lines Song Lyrics written by Anupam. 
    Scattered Lines Lyrics (Anupam Roy)
    Scattered Lines
    Anupam Roy
    Album/ Movie
    Scattered Lines
    Music Composer
    Anupam Roy
    Anupam Roy
    Anupam Roy
    Release Date
    September 08,2020

    Scattered Lines Lyrics (Anupam Roy) 

    Silently scattered lines connecting points and space
    You you have to find the access and live without a  trace

    I can see energy trapped inside the shades
    Stay this way forever and memories anthared your deeps

    And my hands they feel so like they are afraid to hold you tight
    We are more than black and  more than white

    Often we hesitate, Chaos controls our lives
    Threats of hopes and music help us to survive
    Silently flowing times 

    Need not be complete 
    Arts are always open
    I wish they never meet

    And my hands they feel so light
    They are afraid to hold tight

    We are more than black and more than white
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