Nodire Tor (নদীরে তোর ) Lyrics - F A Sumon

Nodire Tor (নদীরে তোর ) Lyrics - F A Sumon

'Nodire Tor Song Lyrics Sung by F A Sumon. This song music by F A Sumon, Nodire Tor Lyrics in Bengali written by Mohiuddin Mohin. 

Songs Details 

Song Title: Nodire Tor 

Singer: F A Sumon

Music: F A Sumon

Lyrics: Mohiuddin Mohin

Label: Agniveela

Release Date: 10 January, 2021

Nodire Tor Lyrics - F A Sumon

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LyricsAgain FAQs

  1. Who wrote the the "Nodire Tor"?

Mohiuddin Mohin is written 'Nodire Tor' song. 

  1. Who is the singer of "Nodire Tor" song?

F A Sumon has sung the song "Nodire Tor".