JUICE LYRICS - Qveen Herby

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    Juice lyrics by Qveen Herby: The Song “Juice” is sung by Qveen Herby, Music and lyrics written by Qveen Herby. In this article you can read Singer Qveen Herby’s new song Juice lyrics.


    Song Title: Juice

    Written By: Qveen Herby

    Mixed By: Phinisey

    Release Date: April 13, 2021


    Qveen Herby - JUICE LYRICS


    One hit wonder but I been on your radar

    Three, four times now

    Gotnolabel, read mynatal chart

    That Leo bite down (Ooh)

    Ihad to pause!

    Drop the "babe", I'm just the boss

    Fruit the sweetness at the top

    And when opportunity knocks

    I’ma make a bigger, better banger on a budget

    I don't need to overdo it when I do it how I want it

    Doesn't matter how I’m aimin'

    I be shootin' when I gun it

    Doesn't matter if I'm losing

    I'll be learnin' something from it (Yeah, yeah)

    Never basic and they hate it

    Wanna overcomplicate it (Why?)

    With the music that I makе

    I build a life that's elevatеd

    Must be crazy, no I’m zen

    Again, at least not overrated

    Once you see the situation

    Then you get it, no debatin’ ...


    They want the juice

    They love my juice (Woo)

    I'm a whole mood


    I’m a bad bitch on the loose (Loose)

    Hopin' these hoes, kangaroos (Kangaroos)

    Hundred million streams on the move (Move)

    So I have to drop my debut (Drop)

    Once you vibe with it, can't lose (Can't lose)

    Recognise that it’s in you (It's in you)

    Master your shit, Kung Fu (Hey, hey)

    All my bad bitches got juice (Oh)


    They love my juice (They love my juice) ...


    Written by: Qveen Herby


    Qveen Herby - Juice Teaser Video

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