Tate McRae, Khalid – working Lyrics

Tate McRae, Khalid – working

 working Lyrics

“Tate McRae, Khalid”

working Lyrics:

It’s a feeling that I can’t explain 

That I miss you more when I’m away

And I swear I’ve been counting the days

But when you’re here

I think I need a bit of space


Well shit we’ve always had good conversation

Or we used to

But I haven’t been serious

Since high school

And maybe I’m the one to blame

But in real life it’s not the same


When I’m working

You’re the only one that I want

But we’re not working

I told you from the start

I’m not perfect

That’s why you like me so much

But we’re not working


You say all we need is time

And I don’t want to dim your light

But I can’t say I’m an introvert

The timing’s right we just don’t work


Ooh ooh

I don’t mean to be rude

Still got a thing for you

But I gotta tell the truth


Ooh ooh

No more leading you on

That’s wrong

So wrong

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Tate McRae, Khalid


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