ZAYN – CALAMITY LYRICS (Comic 1)   Calamity Song Details: Song – Calamity Artist – ZAYN Lable – zayn Writer/ Director – Noah Sterling @noahsterling42  Production Company –  dreambear @drmbear Release Date: 22 January, 2021  Calamity Lyrics – ZAYN  Nostalgia  What a funny feeling  I feel depleted  From feelings I’ve been revealing  it’s do or … Read more


  ZAYN – TIGHTROPE  LYRICS (Audio)  Tightrope (audio) Lyrics Sung by ZAYN, Tightrope Music Compose by ZAYN.    De Una Vez  Songs Details  Song: Tightrope Singer: ZAYN Lyrics: ZAYN Music By: ZAYN Music Label: ZAYN Release Date: 15 January, 2021 TIGHTROPE  LYRICS – ZAYN Why’s it gotta feel like I’m walking a tightrope  Why you … Read more

ZAYN – Vibez Lyrics

  ZAYN – Vibez Lyrics ZAYN’s New Song Vibez from the album ‘Nobody Is Listening’ This song Produced by Rogét Chahayed and Vibez Lyrics written by Nija, Rogét Chahayed, Scribz Riley & ZAYN. RCA Records present.  Vibez Song Credits:🎬 Song Title Vibez Singer ZAYN Album Nobody Is Listening Written By Nija, Rogét Chahayed, Scribz Riley … Read more